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Studio  Information and Policies

When you become a student at Fairview, you become a custodian of our shared space.

You are responsible for cleaning up your work area,  your wheel, and the glazing tables after use, and for making sure your work and your clay is stored on your shelf.

Fairview Studios relies on students taking care and ownership of the studio.


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Studio Care


Wheels, Splash Pans, Tools, Water 

  • You are responsible for cleaning your wheel, splash pans, buckets and tools at the end of your class and or after open studio time.

  • PLEASE do not use your throwing water or splash-pan water to wipe down the wheels. Clean water please. 


  • You are responsible for making sure the correct tools are returned to your bucket and the bucket hung on the provided hooks at the end of class or open studio time. There are images on the walls by the buckets showing what tools must be in the buckets

    PLEASE be courteous and leave things as you would like to find them.


  • You are responsible for mopping the floor under and around your wheel. Mops and mop buckets are located near the bathroom.​

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Wedging Tables



  • Canvas tables must be sponge-cleaned after use. Please be courteous and keep these work surfaces clean and free from debris. Do not use metal tools on the canvas, as metal causes tears.


  • Plaster table must be sponge-cleaned after use. Please be courteous and clean the work surface after use. Do not use any sharp tools or implements on this surface


  • Do not use metal tools of any kind on canvas or plaster tables; metal will damage canvas and plaster and may cause the plaster to crack. Plastic scrapers are provided.


  • You may fill a bucket with clean water and a sponge and leave it on or near these tables in order to make clean up quick and easy.

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Glazing Area

  • Students are responsible for keeping this area tidy.

  • Please use provided newspaper when glazing, to help keep the area clean. Dispose of used paper in the provided bin

  • Replace all tools and brushes in the provided containers after use.


  • Please do not leave items on the glazing tables, as this means someone else is cleaning up after you.

  • You are responsible for sponging off your work area when you are done in the glaze area.


  • Please wipe up spills on tables and floor​

The studio does not have a cleaning staff; care and maintenance of wheels, work areas, splash pans and buckets is the student’s responsibility.

PLEASE be courteous and caring of the space, and conscious of leaving the area tidy and clean.