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Dave Settles: Chief and Guru

Dave Settles commenced his education at Southwestern College on a football scholarship in Business Administration. But, he says, "The clay studio was next door," so he shifted to art. He kept his major though, "... because it was the quickest way out."

Dave received his Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University.

Dave has been a potter since 1962, with a four-year break in the US Navy. Dave is a Vietnam veteran.

Dave's favourite thing about making pottery is making something people will use and something that will last forever. His favourite thing about Fairview Studios is the companionship and the stories  - by which he means the audience for his interesting and funny tales.

When asked what he will do when he grows up, Dave says, "Gee, I don't actually plan to."

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Clare Wallace

Clare Wallace, a native Calgarian, was first introduced to ceramics in high school art class. Hanging on to her pottery tools for more than 35 years, she discovered Fairview Studios and soon became a “regular.”

Ten years on, Clare continues to enjoy her time making functional, wheel-thrown ware and being part of the supportive and creative Fairview Studios community. 


Over the years Clare has participated in workshops with various professional potters, including Sara Jaeger, Connie Pike, Meira Matheson and Bill Wilkie, and enjoys experimenting with new forms and decorating techniques.

Michelle Winters

Michelle Winters

 Michelle Winters is a recreational potter who strives to create beautiful functional pots to enhance everyday life. 


Born and raised near Calgary, Michelle studied ceramics briefly in high school but left the craft to pursue her career and raise her family.

Nearly three decades later, she enrolled in pottery classes at Fairview Studios and once again became enamoured with all things clay.

Michelle has been a regular  potter at Fairview for more than three years and began teaching  more than a year ago. She infuses her instruction with her unique humour and observations.

Michelle enjoys watching new students develop their skills and become infatuated with ceramics.

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Ashley Morrow

Ashley began throwing pots in 2004 when she signed up for a campus recreation class at Mount Royal College. After a few sessions, she took a break to finish her Bachelor of Science degree.

She began throwing en earnest after graduation and needed somewhere to let the creativity out. Fairview Studios was the place she first took classes and is where she has remained, and where she teaches every Tuesday evening, rain or shine.

Her inspiration comes from all aspects of  life, but for the most part, she make the work because she loved the process.


Clay is a very tactile medium and the connection between it and the maker is very intimate. Every piece is handled dozens, if not hundreds of times from start to finish. It is hope hope a finished piece, once it leaves her hands,finds an equally close relationship with its owner.


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Amy Bouchard

Amy Bouchard is a professional ceramic artist, instructor and AUArts (formerly ACAD) alumni, graduating with BFA in ceramics in 2015.


She previously worked as an apprentice for the White Owl Ceramic Studio where she gained knowledge of industry and production in contemporary ceramics.


She also is a Creative Facilitator - specializing in ceramics - for United Active Living seniors residence.


Amy has always been connected to clay and is intrigued by how versatile the material can be.


She loves teaching at Fairview Pottery and seeing students get excited about ceramics.