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Student Work: Aparna Taylor

Firing and Kiln Procedures


  • Firing fees are based on the size of your pot and include bisque firing, glaze and glaze firing.

  • A cost chart is provided. If the fee for your measured piece is $5, that includes all three stages.

  • Firing fees are determined for "bone dry" items; measure your items prior to into bisque firing.

  • Students are responsible for keeping track of their items and firing costs.

  • Firing fees are due each week.

  • Firing is for paid-up students making work at Fairview Studios.

  • The studio does not provide firing for items made elsewhere or for non-students.


Kiln loading priority

  • New student work/small pieces

  • Items left out of a previous firing, except for tall pieces

  • General pieces for best fit in the kiln

  • Flat-ware/slump mould

  • Please Note: Fairview Studios does not guarantee firing results. Clay firing always involves an element of risk. In certain cases, re-firing costs will not be charged. For instance, if a particle of kiln wash falls into a piece, and can be ground out, or, if the kiln under-fires for whatever reason, a re-fire fee will not be charged.

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Student work: Robbin Harris